Too Late to Post Much

Well, family visits are so wonderful, but they make me put my blog (and other things too) on hold. It’s midnight, and my camera cord is in the living room where Betty is asleep, so tonight’s post would have to wait anyways.

We had a great day. A few meltdowns, but Cameron was tired, it wasn’t a good night sleep.

A few snatches from today:

Morning coffee in the living room, leaning against Betty’s legs while she played with my hair, Cameron absorbed in his movie while sitting on my lap.

There’s a bit of a nip to the wind as it rushes through the house.

The tomatoes on my fire escape are yellowy-orange, and probably ripe for picking, The last two were dessert-fruit sweet, so this should be good.

Ripe blueberries by the handful, in mountain-chill air contrasting with ealry-autumn sun’s warmth.

Evening with family and friends, easy supper, good conversation. The prospect of babysitting without feeling like I’m relying on friends too much in the very near future.


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