Lunchtime Happinesses

Alright, I didn’t post last night. So, I’ve got time for a few quick happinesses now before I turn back to the pile o’things I must do this afternoon.

  • The excitement in Cameron’s entire body as he lept for joy on the walk in the morning. Why? Not only were both the quint (ladder truck) and the engine out of the firehall for their routine checks, but there was an extra quint! There must have been a dozen firefighters for him to talk to – and he scored two temporary tatoos and a big sticker. Awesome.
  • Cameron’s sobs and snuggles as I picked him up from daycare. No, it doesn’t make me happy that he was unhappy … but that he could tell me exactly what was wrong did. He ended with, “And I just really had a rough day, Momma, I did!”
  • It was drizzling on the walk home, and I didn’t have an umbrella. Oh well, we both had rain coats on. I can’t remember what it was that started it, but before I knew it we were both dancing and giggling, down the sidewalk in the rain.
  • Cuddling with Cameron, eating spinach pizza while watching Cars. Then, a somewhat early bedtime … where I was asleep before he was, snuggled close together, warm under covers.

Alright, let’s not have this all be about Cameron.

  • Two of us at work have been working hard on styrofoam recycling. We applied for funding to get the program going, and we’ll be sort of a trial run for the entire campus’ future styrofoam recycling program. We won!
  • Tonight I get to go out for a walk … or coffee … or something … with someone who is making me happy. Whee!

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