And yet another happiness post

Ahh, it’s fall. The days get shorter, the cool weather returns, and the daycare viral load increases exponentially. Cameron has a cold. My dad, visiting, has a cold. I have a cold. Thankfully so far Janice has avoided it!

All the same, cold or no, I have much to be happy about. And sorry, but that’s what kind of post it’s gonna be again tonight. It was a trying day, and I need to go to bed thinking of happinesses.

Notice that my dad and Janice are here? That in itself is a happiness. I’m getting spoiled rotten, Cameron is having a blast, and there’s lots of general happiness and support going on around here. Much of my adventure-attitude comes from how I was brought up, but it’s also reinforced by Janice’s take on kids. Cameron’s had adventure after adventure – today he went into the ball ‘pit’ and play area at Granville island all by himself! When she suggested Lighthouse Park for tomorrow or the next day, Cameron’s eyes were big and round, and I could just hear his thoughts take off with excitement. A real lighthouse!

Sunflowers and lilies that are still brightening my kitchen. A moonlit evening on a chilly night at the beach. And tomorrow out for another walk. Things are pretty darned good.

This morning at the coffee shop, I had to laugh. Four people in a row were singing quietly to themselves along with the music (American Pie), and a couple others standing waiting for their drinks too. Yep, I was one of those four. I swear they should play the corny-everyone-sings music more often. It’s an instant good-mood generator.

A new phone charging. I’m going back to the cell phone thing, having given up on my Vonage (voice over IP)  line. I’m tired of having to deal with the variable quality, and asking people to repeat themselves again and again. And dashing to shut off my computer’s wireless, as it seemed to compete. Whether the problem was with Vonage, my computer, my wireless router, or my internet connection I couldn’t care less. Enough already. Hello, Bell. It’ll cost a bit more a month, but it’s worth it to have a normal conversation.

I ran into an old friend, with his girlfriend, on the bus on the way home. I wasn’t feeling too great, but this helped to change my mood around a bit. We spent the bus ride reminiscing, and playing a bit of catch-up: who is where now, and doing what. Postdoc? Prof? Where? Do you ever hear from so-and-so anymore? That sort of thing.

Dayquil. Dayquil makes the happy list. I have some in my desk – or at least the generic version of it. I’ll actually use it tomorrow.


2 responses to “And yet another happiness post

  1. two things:
    One, Your happiness posts are an excellent idea. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m going to try this ( if you don’t mind ). I feel happier just reading about your happinesses!

    Two, DAYQUIL! that’s what I need! Why oh why do I always try to get through these horrid colds without any help?
    I just end up irritating my co workers with my sniffles and sneezes all day long!

    Peace & Love…

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