Perfect Weekend

Sorry I’ve not been posting much! There’s a whole lot going on for me to fill you in on, but it’ll take a few posts.

When Dad and Janice visit, I always get one heck of a break. Janice is a superwoman, and does everything she can to ease things for me. This visit, in addition, they gave me the gift of time.

On Friday I packed a few things and headed for Whistler. I had reservations at a hotel in the Village, and decided I’d make more firm plans once I was up there. The trip up was lovely surprise – someone I very much wanted to spend some more time with was driving to Pemberton, and so could drop me off (yesyes, be patient, more on that later). Cameron only got a little teary when it was time for me to go, but he wasn’t at that time really clear on how long I’d be gone for. That was a tough decision; I wanted to tell him to warn him, but I felt he’d do better with it once I was already gone, than when I was there.

The first night was mostly about settling down and getting used to the idea of two whole nights sans child. I didn’t really do much. Bubble bath, some reading, some TV watching, some just sitting and thinking. The room was small but functional, with a Murphy bed to pull down. One problem. My GOD that was an uncomfortable bed. I woke up in the middle of the night, freezing cold (no extra blankets in the room, heater wasn’t working), and stiff and sore. Blech.

That morning I decided that if I was going to be the Princess and the Pea, I might as well do it all the way. I went to the front desk and requested a different room, one with a real bed. Through an odd sequence of happenstance I was given the keycards to an enormous loft suite, basically the one from the pictures on the web page. Total luxury.

From there my day turned into the perfect holiday. I had breakfast at the crepe place nearby, and wandered the Village for a bit, peeking into shops. I booked myself in for a manicure and pedicure (had to do the girly thing), then asked around to find out where I should go if I wanted to go for a 2 hour walk in the woods. I would’ve loved to have done a more back-country style hike, but I’m a big believer in not doing that unless you’re prepared properly. I had none of my gear with me, so tame walk it was. Lost lake was where everyone directed me, and so I did have a pleasant walk through a Douglas Fir mix forest, with good views. The day was perfect – cold wind, but sunny and clear blue sky. I was still back in time for a swim in the hotel pool, a brief dip in the hot tub, then off to my appointment. Pretty toes, and pretty fingernails, ta-dah! I opted for no polish on my fingernails, I’ve learned my lesson. It chips in hours, and looks worse than nothing then. I asked the esthetician for a recommendation for dinner, and decided to go with what she suggested – a place just outside the salon called “the Mix”. Roasted vegetables, goat cheese, and chicken satay. And from there, back to the hotel for a wonderful, relaxing, happy evening in.

To sum it up, I got to explore the village, people watch, go for a walk in the woods by myself, swim for some more exercise, get my girly-girl fix, have a great supper. Oh, and I got some reading in there too.

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect weekend getaway.


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