Departure and Reflections

There was a hurried goodbye on the veranda on a chilly morning,  hugs and kisses, then we went opposite directions down the street. Dad and Janice headed for the Canada Line to get to the airport, and Cameron and I headed for the coffee shop, then the bus to start our day.

I had a fantastic time while they were here. I feel regretful that I didn’t take more time with them, though. I seemed to be zipping here and there – working, going out with Leif, seeing the new apartment, taking two nights away. Scattered, and often not ‘there’, even when I was. But with moving coming up, I’ll probably need to take some of my holiday days for that, so I couldn’t really take time off work. One of the reasons they were here for so long was so that I could go away and have a holiday on my own, and when you’ve only got two weekends … well, one weekend is half of that time.  I know they came not just to visit, but also to give me a break, to care for me a bit – not just in taking over dealing with the day-to-day hassles like cooking and cleaning (which they did, giving me a heavenly break).  Part of it was letting me have some me-time for a change. A life outside of being Mama. I’m ever so appreciative that they were there to look after Cameron, so that I could see Leif without the nine o’clock limit I have when I’m doing a babysitting trade with the neighbours. They pretty much took all pressure off of me, so that I could just be for a while, which was an incredible gift.  We did have some time together. Thanksgiving dinner, a few evenings, they came to campus with me on a couple of mornings to go swimming, a trip up the Capilano, that sort of thing.

I also know that they had a great time with Cameron, and he positively thrived spending so much time with them. The nonsense daycare-isms in his speech and behavior waned, his speech became more clear and he had more to say. They took him on adventures!  The excitement that I came home to at the end of a workday was incredible – they went to Van Dusen Gardens, to Granville Island a few times, shopping, to playgrounds … all over the place. Cameron would jump up and down, haul me to the living room, chattering away a mile a minute with details about what they did.

It’s a matter of balance, I suppose.  This time I swung a little too far into territory I don’t usually go, or perhaps it just feels that way because I’m not accustomed to it. Now, it’d be silly to stay in regretful-mode for long. It was such an exciting, cheerful time, and that’s what I want to focus on!

They’ll be very much missed – thankfully, it’s not long until Christmas, when we’ll see each other again. I love them both ever so much. The apartment is going to seem empty and quiet without them!


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