Back to Blogging!

It’s back to basics tonight – back to happinesses. Not because of a lack of anything to write about. There’s lots! And not because it was a really rough day. It wasn’t. Okay, total meltdown on my part on the walk home, where I let Cameron push some buttons. But the day started wonderfully, and ended peacefully. No – I’m doing a happiness post because sometimes it’s good to recognize the things that make you happy.


Last night. Jumping on the trampoline while the sun set, and the moon rose. Stars came out to Cameron’s delight, and we bounced and leapt in sock feet until our toes were frozen.

A bouquet of purple flowers on my kitchen table – and thoughts of the smile that went along with them.

Fun laughter and good-natured teasing at the coffee shop this morning.

Dry leaves on the sidewalk swooshing and crunching underfoot. It smells like Fall. Hallowe’en decorations are starting to appear – spiders creeping on verandas, skeletons on doors.

Bright blue eyes and giggles as Cameron and I touched lollipops and said, “Cheers.” We’d both gotten our flu jabs, and Cameron hadn’t cried at all.

Playing with trains in the living room after we got home – not just the playing, but also Cameron’s happiness when I said, “Okay, supper’s cooking, let’s play!”

Emails and texts in the middle of the day and evening – they make me smile, feel warm, and know that I’m being thought of. Which is a really good feeling.


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