Holiday Time

I’m sitting on the couch in my mom’s and stepdad’s living room. There’s a fire flickering and glowing in the stove, the Christmas tree is lit and shimmery, and outside the sun is sinking down over the frozen lake. We’ve had several days with my Dad and Janice before coming here, to ‘step down’ from the frantic (and also fun-filled) pace of the last few weeks, and start to relax. We’ll be traveling between the two homes, a few days here, a few days there, surrounded in love and caring for three weeks. Sometimes it’s the quiet kind, as right now. Sometimes it’s the kind where the house is filled to the brim with people and laughter.

Cameron’s been having a lovely time, getting lots of attention from grandparents. Dad took him to a playgym where there was a giant “pirate ship” and a “castle” to play in, filled with tunnels and slides. Janice and Cameron baked a gingerbread house and cookies; they’ll decorate them when we go back to the city. Eat them though? I doubt we’ll get to, not until Christmas Eve. Cameron has announced that they’re ALL for Santa. He didn’t even want to eat one. Then today he and my mom filled the bird feeders, and went down to see the lake, and listen to the ice crack and sing as the sun set.

I miss Leif, but in a different way than I anticipated I would. Three weeks apart when we’re used to seeing each other several times a week seemed hard! But while there’s some comfortable wishing-he-was-here-ness, there’s also excitement. He and Kate are on the other side of the world, in Australia, where they’re visiting family. So I’m also eager to hear of their adventures there, in the heat and sun! Thanks to the internet, it’s also not three solid weeks of no contact, as once upon a time being on the other side of the world might have meant. There’s email, and better yet, Skype.

So we’re here, on holiday. Let’s see if being here can help jump-start my writing again, hmmm?


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