Back to Basics Yet Again

I’m so out of the habit of writing. I keep saying I’ll start again, but then I try to write and it just … doesn’t work. The words don’t look right. Or the topic seems lame. So here’s a new plan. It’s time to just simply write, starting with something small and easy. Happinesses. Remember those? I used to write about the things, little and big, that made me happy. Sometimes this was for no other reason than to share, and sometimes I did it when I really needed to be reminded of the happy things in a day gone wrong. Sometimes, most of the time, it was part of a process, the process of being happy and allowing myself to feel it.

Today is certainly not a day gone wrong, by the way. And I feel happiness, to say the least! This is just a back to basics step, get me writing and posting again.

Cameron running through our home (which is slowly beginning to feel like home), red super-hero cape streaming out behind him, mask over his eyes, laughing.

Going for a walk with Cameron, letting him play tour guide for a while. Thanks to his new daycare’s walks, he knows the neighbourhood better than I do! He took me to a playground, where we played ‘catch me’ in the rain. Then exploring – over the highway, across a river, through a forest.

Leif is back! He returned last night, and spent the first part of the day sleeping off the effects of a 29-hour trip. It’s so good to be wtih him again, to catch his eye and share a smile.

Napping. Delicious. Leif took Cameron out for another walk today, giving me I don’t know how long it was to sleep.

Four (or is it five?) nights in a row where Cameron’s not woken up soaked. I’m sure that here’s where I should knock on wood. Now, he’s waking up at an obscenely early hour, but who can blame him? Kid’s dealing with jet lag – just three hours, but still.

Bailey’s. A fireplace.

Knowing that most of the things that have me stressed right now are rather silly. I can’t get the configuration of my living room to feel right. I need a dresser and bookshelves – seriously, this has me stressed?

Bubble bath and a good book. Did I mention somewhere along the line that I more than met my ‘goal’ of reading 12 new books this year?

Bed. Going there now.


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