Lesson Learned

A while ago Cameron went through a phase where he wanted to watch Finding Nemo at all hours of the day and night. He’d beg and plead, and when I gave in and let him watch in the evening, I found that bedtime was worse than normal. He’d be wired, and find it tough to fall asleep.

It wasn’t just a Nemo-specific effect I found out.

Tonight I let Cameron watch Zigby on Treehouse after his bath for a special treat. Now, Treehouse is a new thing for us. I’ve never had Cameron watch much TV, and what he’s watched has been mostly videos, but now we’ve got cable. Cameron was rapt, and sat in awe through the first clip. The second clip had him laughing and clapping his hands – not an imitation-of-friends laugh, not a social-laugh-because-I-should laugh, but an all out real belly laugh. It sounded so good.

He willingly turned off the TV when the show was over, as I requested.

Then all hell broke loose.

He wanted to PLAY! He wanted to RUN, to JUMP, to DANCE, and playplayplayPLAY! Listening? Forget it. Sit still? No way. He had zero ability to focus, and was like his brain was on fast-forward. At bed time.

He’s now been in bed for an hour, and he’s still wound up. Everything brought on tears, wails, sobs, whines. The light from outside was too bright (blinds get installed Thursday, hasn’t been a real issue until tonight though), but wait, it was too dark and he wanted a night light. It’s not his birthday YET? SOB! Finally, he’d lie still for a few minutes, I’d think he was dropping off, and then, “BUT MOMMY! How did the bell get into the cow to go jingle-jingle like that when I shake him?” Nevermind that the cow in question is on the other side of his room.

I gave up. I’m out in the living room so I don’t go batty with every twitch, and so maybe he won’t have anyone to ask random questions of. He cried for a bit. Now his “Polar Bear” and “Bunny” are having a discussion about riding in Santa’s sleigh, and “Dragon” is telling them both that he came from Betty and so must be Betty’s Baby.

TV is clearly a before-supper thing.


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