A Promise Kept

“Sure, we can do that someday, sweetheart,” I find myself saying a lot. Someday meaning waaaaay down the road to me, but maybe next week to Cameron. I try my hardest to not forget when I say we’ll do something, but let’s face it, it happens.

For ages, Cameron has been asking to go to the restaurant at the top of a tall building called Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver. It had several attractive points for him: high up, a fancy restaurant for grownups, has glass elevators on the outside of the building, and it goes around and around! For that one, I didn’t say someday. I specified, “For your birthday.”

Last Sunday, after he’d had his birthday and his party, he quietly asked me, “Mommy? We haven’t gone to the restaurant yet, the one on the top of the building?” I reminded him firmly that I’d told him it couldn’t be that weekend, but we’d try to go the following one. I promised he’d get to go there soon.

You should’ve seen the look on his face when on Saturday I said to Leif, as we were planning our day, “Well, I thought we could take Cameron up to the restaurant at Harbour Centre today.”

What a wonderful afternoon!

In case you can’t tell, first thing he did was plaster himself against the windows. I had to keep asking him to sit in his seat – because the floor revolves, he’d just slowly get left behind.

That night, as I snuggled him to sleep, I asked if he’d liked going there. “Oh yes, Mama!” Was it what you’d thought it would be like? “Better!”


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