An Olympic Adventure

Cameron danced when he came out of his daycare’s room – his teachers had only told him that there was a surprise for him, not what it was. It was the middle of the day and he was so not expecting this. “I thought I’d go and have an adventure, Cameron, just you and me,” I explained as he hugged me, “And thought you might like to come along. Feel like it?” He noticed the blue bag slung over my shoulder. “Yeah! That’s the Adventure Bag! We’re gonna have an adventure!”

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock someplace and don’t know about it, there’s this thing going on called the Olympics. Here.  While ticket prices are completely unaffordable for the events I’d like to see, and there are prohibitively long lineups for the national houses and other displays, there’s still a lot to do and see. Cameron is Olympics-happy, pointing out the flag, the rings, and the flame everywhere.

And in case you’re wondering, I had medical appointments scheduled for the morning (relax, I’m fine), and did some work at home, then grabbed Cameron. Had I headed to work there was a good chance I would get there just in time to turn around and come back home.

Livecity Yaletown was a bit of a disappointment. Sure, there were big screens to watch half-pipe (Cameron was thrilled) and some other events on, but really, it was a 20 minute lineup to get to the lineups.  I wasn’t about to try to get Cameron to stand in a line for an hour for anything else, so we headed out in search of other, cooler things. On the way, right in front of the line to get in there was a street performance troop enacting various Olympic events. Yep, I got roped in and found myself rattling down a bobsled run with them. The things I do for my kid.

Next up: the cauldron. The Olympic flame – and this is the closest the public has ever been allowed to get. Sure, there’s a fence. They cut a hole so you can take unobstructed pictures. Also in response to complaints about the fence, they now allow people onto the rooftop next to the flame! This  stop was one of Cameron’s requests, having seen it being lit on TV.

The best part of the day was still to come. Cameron was t-i-r-e-d. He’d had it. But we still had a long walk to get to Waterfront Station. He’d been watching the bike rickshaws all afternoon, and when one let off his passengers just a little ways away, he grabbed my hand. Ever so politely, Cameron asked, “Oh please, Mama, can we go in one of those? Please?” Turned out it was just five bucks. So duh, yeah.

Cameron squealed and laughed with excitement – real full-out belly laughs and unrestrained glee. “GO CANADA GO! GO CANADA GO,” he yelled, all decked out in his Canada gear, and waving a flag in the wind as we zipped past crowds. There were laughs, cheers, and the occasional “GO CANADA, YEAH!” in response, from the sea of red and white.  When we stopped in front of the Station, Cameron threw his arms around me in a huge, wriggly excited happy hug.

(more to come – we’ve had a few Olympic Adventure days. Maaaaybe this’ll get me back into the writing habit?)


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