Sometimes a little happiness post is needed

You’re going to have to wait another little bit for the next installment of Olympic fun. I need tonight’s post to be a happiness post, because tonight was godfuckingawful. Sorry to anyone reading who might be offended by that phrase, it’s the only one I can come up with.  Meltdowns. On both our parts. Loud ones.

So. Happinesses.

Flowers blooming on the terrace in the courtyard outside my office window. Purple hycinths and yellow daffodils, and an enormous rhododendron blooming pink. The trees are getting that green haze that will soon turn into leaves.

A proud Cameron presented me with an Olympic Rings flag, ever so carefully made with construction-paper cut-out rings.  Apparently he took a long time arranging the rings just so, so that it looked right. We ran all the way from daycare to home, with Cameron pretending to be an Olympics Airplane, a special airplane to carry the athletes wherever they need to go.

Cameron’s glee and excitement about the bread rising. We’d started last night, but the yeast was old and sluggish, so after one 4 hour rising it went into the fridge overnight. He’s entranced by the idea of yeast blowing bubbles to make the bread rise.  He runs to check on it frequently.

Swimming. I set a goal of going twice a week for six weeks on my lunches, and if I go tomorrow that’ll make three weeks of three times a week. My reward for myself once I get to six weeks will be one of the new swimsuits that doesn’t degrade as quickly in chlorine as normal ones do.

Joanne. She rescued me tonight, let me get out of the apartment for a few minutes to calm down. She got things past the huge roadblock we’d hit. So Cameron and I got to snuggle while he fell asleep. Then she brought me a glass of wine.

Leif.  Emails and text messages from him through the day make me smile, and I can’t wait for the weekend, when I get to see him again. Smiles. Hugs. Talking.  Hand holding. When we were snowboarding in Big White (ohyeah, I didn’t write about that. We went snowboarding. In Big White) on Sunday morning we wandered through the shops there, and I saw a jigsaw puzzle ‘card’ there. It showed a boy and a girl holding hands, with the caption “HappiER”. Wish I’d bought it, because it pretty much sums things up.


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