Red Mittens

I’m exhausted and sore. Silly me decided to increase my distance of front crawl this afternoon and didn’t stretch or go in the hot tub after. But I’m happy. Cameron and I had a great evening, where he listened, said please and thank you (mostly), helped set the table for dinner, and I didn’t have to ask him to sit properly at dinner even once. He helped tidy his train tracks. Poor kid’s having troubles falling asleep, can’t seem to get beyond a doze though.

So I’m going to stretch, take lots of advil, eat something high in potassium, and go to bed.

To keep you entertained, I thought I’d share this – it made me happy! Downtown today was quiet, empty, and drab after two weeks of red and celebrations, and this helped remind me of the fun. I dare you to make it through this video without tapping your feet and smiling! I especially love the end, where they include spectators.

For those not familiar with flashmob, essentially a group of people unexpectedly arrives and starts doing something odd, dancing, pillowfights, laughing … then when it’s over, they all just go their separate ways. Hilarious, and I sure wish I had the time/energy/whatever to take part because it looks like fun. Explore more flash mob dancing beyond it for even more feel-good dancing in the streets, clothing stores, and train stations. If you need ideas, try searching youtube for flashmob blackeyed peas, flashmob hammer (I just about peed myself giggling at this one), flashmob robson dancing, flashmob sound of music antwerp (wow).


One response to “Red Mittens

  1. Really enjoying your Olympic notes. Hadn’t heard of the Red Mittens’ group before – sure does make one smile. Thx!

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