Not that tonight was particularly awful, but I need to do a happiness post. I’m just tired and sick. I’ve still got at least one Olympics fun post for you, but it’ll have to wait until I’m feeling a bit more rested!

Lying on the living room carpet, stretched out on my tummy at my computer, beside the fireplace. Nimoo is curled up on a cushion soaking up the heat. We’re surrounded in kid’s books. Cameron got two stories by the fire tonight before bed: Living in Space, and Make Way for Ducklings. He’s hooked again on Ducklings, one of my favourite ones to read to him. I always at some point call the ducklings rhinoceroses, and mix up details here and there. He always catches it, and we have a good giggle.

Racing home after daycare. On days when Grace is there, we often get a ride home with Joanne, but today was a day we didn’t. Last week when this happened, and Cameron wasn’t happy at all, I introduced the idea of racing them home on foot. He loved it! This time when he realized that we were walking home, he shouted “Yay! Let’s race them!” And he was off, running.

Work. I got a huge chunk of the paperwork that’s been building up done. I estimate that another four or five days like today and that stuff will be caught up!

Camelot Jr. It’s really Cameron’s game, and he sure does love it. He’ll play for ages with it if he’s in the right mood, even work through some of the puzzles with minimal guidance. But I’m enjoying it too!

I fell asleep with Cameron in his bed tonight. Felt sooo good.

Bed. Mine. It’s waiting for me.


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