Sleepy, Happy

It’s late, my throat hurts, and it’s time for bed. But first, a few little observations of happinesses.

Cameron’s pure joy when I say something that rhymes, or make an alliteration. Leaping Lizards had him in stitches in the tub today – just as simple as that.

Skunk cabbages. Yep. Their bright yellow cheerfulness in patches in the woods means that spring is really here.  Cherries I love, but they can be unreliable predictors of spring’s arrival, given that they can start blooming in January around here and we’ve been known to have snow dumps in March. I’d of course never pick a bouquet of skunk cabbage … but left alone in the woods and ditches they’re quite pretty in their own way.

Outside my window at work there is a courtyard with a raised terrace-sort-of-thing. On the other side from me there’s a waterfall coming out of it, and on the top it’s gone a little bit wild. There’s an enormous rhodo, some trees, some daffodils and other spring bulbs among the grass. Even better, on nice days the raccoons come to play up there.

Talking with Leif on the phone, and emails through the day. Thinking of him makes me smile.

Watching Cameron ‘read’. He chooses to sit by the fire, and picks several books to go through. Where he doesn’t remember the words he’ll explain what he sees in the pictures – pretty cool!

Cameron held my face firmly tonight and gave me around three thousand kisses. As he rubbed them in (so they don’t fall off), he asked, “There Mommy. Enough to last you until morning?”  I asked for one more, then did the same for him.


One response to “Sleepy, Happy

  1. So glad you wrote this – brought tears to my eyes. We all live so far apart. Cameron rubbed my face after giving me some cheek kisses, when I asked he explained, “So they don’t fall off”. (said in a tone that meant it was a silly question). Love

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