Excuse me!

Chalk this one up to experience.  And let’s just label it TMI right off the bat.

When you have a sore throat it can be hard to swallow, yes? Ouch.

So tonight I was entertaining a bathing Cameron while we waited for the laundry to dry. It was late. He’d had an accident early this morning and so his bedding needed to be washed, easy enough now that I have my in-suite laundry, but one problem. Blankie needed a washing too. So we had to stay up.

Cameron has an assortment of critter bath toys. There’s a collection of squirty sea creatures, and a few wriggly squishy lizards. Last night I told him that I’ve eaten octopus once, so tonight he held it out to me and demanded, “Eat it!” I obliged, pretending to drop the thing in my mouth, chew, and *gulp* swallow. Then came the whale. And the fish. And the lizards one by one.

Those mock gulps were hard to do … and I swallowed a whole lot of air.

Ooooohhhhhhhh I’m uncomfortable.


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