Giant Adventure

Patience – I’ll get pictures up, probably tomorrow night!

Cameron’s gotten lots of exposure to hockey over the last few months. You see, Leif plays hockey.  We’ve gone to watch his games quite a few times now – joining the handful of wives and other family members to cheer on the team. He also watches the Canucks games on TV, and the very first time we were over at his house when a game was on, Cameron was hooked. The whole C on centre ice thing, and wow, it’s a killer whale!  So now we watch at home, too. Then there were the Olympics games!

Two weekends ago we took the next step: Leif got a ticket deal for the Giants’ playoff game! They’re a part of the Western Hockey League, so while they’re not the NHL they’re still pretty darned good and lots of fun to watch.  Have  I mentioned how wonderful Leif is? We had four tickets, and Kate couldn’t come, so he suggested we bring Samuel to the game with us. Let me make this more clear – the guy voluntarily accompanied two four year old boys to a hockey game.

It was a high-energy game to say the least, and the boys were hyper and keyed up. I’d say the first two periods were difficult for me and Cameron – there were a couple of big meltdowns. It was the excitement, and a big dose of fear as well. He doesn’t do well with loud noises, and howled and sobbed when the crowd roared at the first Giants goal. Leif had his hands full too. Samuel’s a rather intense little guy, who asks a kazillion questions then challenges you on your answers. At one point Leif said something along the lines of, “And I thought Cameron asked a lot of questions!”

The seats Leif got were the best I’ve ever had for a hockey game,  at the corner, second row off the ice. Incredible!  The action was right there infront of us. With a slam and a rattle the puck would zing past us along the boards. Even louder were the slams of player’s bodies against the boards right there. The corners also seem to be where the fighting action is, and we got a clear view of a Blazer’s expression as he tried to provoke his Giant opponent into fighting back. “Mommy? Why’d that man do that?” Uh … nevermind kiddo, see, he’s going to get a time out for that.

Somewhere around the third period I found they key to helping Cameron to enjoy the game. Up on the screen above centre ice there was a man dancing on his seat. “See Cameron? Betcha if you stood on your seat and danced instead of crying on my lap, they’d put you up there.” It worked. The next goal Cameron again slapped his hands over his ears … but instead of crawling onto my lap he jumped up and down, laughing, dancing.  It didn’t get him up on the screen above centre ice, but it did mean we ended the game on a good note.

Would he go again? “When I’m five I want to go to a Canucks game,” he’s said. I’ve warned him that a Canucks game will be even louder and we won’t be sitting close to the ice, but he’s assured me that when he’s five he’ll be big enough to enjoy the game. Still, it sounds like he could be easily convinced to go to a Giants game again. Despite the meltdowns, I still had a great time. The smiles and happiness, hands shoving buttery popcorn into little mouths, and the hands-over-ears dance all made it a great night.

Oh – the Giants won. We didn’t see the win, as it went into overtime and it was already seriously late so we left. I think the winning goal was scored seconds into overtime. They won the series too, so perhaps there will be another Giants game to go to soon!


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