First Hike of the Season

I was impressed at Cameron’s change over the last few weeks, but on further thought, that’s nothing compared with the change over the last year.

Last year I couldn’t convince Cameron to walk between two trees for fear a bear might be lurking. And we all know that bears love to munch on little boys.

Although we’ve been treated to a rather late ‘winter’ this spring, we’ve been lucky to get some bright and sunny days. Perfect hiking weather!  So on Easter Monday (a holiday for many), we headed for Deep Cove. The Baden-Powell trail runs from there all the way to Horseshoe Bay. A little long for us, roughly a marathon, but there’s a great lookout just about an hour’s walk in.

It was a long hike for an intro for Kate and Cameron, but the reward was well worth it.  They ran through the woods, talked a little about what ‘temperate rainforest’ meant, saw bracket fungus up-close (at least as close as I could lift them), learned about nurse logs and what happens to trees that fall down in the woods. They felt the cold snowpack-runoff streams and balanced on rocks. And we picnicked on glacier-smoothed rocks overlooking the inlet, high above the cove.

Cameron didn’t mention bears once – not till we were back in town.

Of course, we finished up with honey doughnuts in Deep Cove. You can’t go hiking there without ending with that treat, it would just be wrong.

(okay, let’s give wordpress’ new slideshow feature a test drive. Let me know if it doesn’t show right for you!)

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One response to “First Hike of the Season

  1. Great photos, the slideshow works really well. Order good weather, we’d like to go hiking when we visit!

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