A Quiet Night

Alright, that’s a couple ‘big event’ posts in a row. Time to slow it down a bit. There’s still lots to write about, but it’s late and I’ve been staying up far too late lately. Sleep is pretty important, and it’s been an issue for me lately.

So, a happiness post.

  • The walk home from Cameron’s daycare is filled with tulips and daffodils, cherry and apple trees, with the scent of fresh-cut grass and evergreen on the air. Paul walked ahead with Grace and Cameron, getting them to follow his instructions – eight sidewalk squares ahead, then come back three! Now, run to that sign post! Joanne and I ambled along at Beth’s two-year-old pace.
  • Fresh-baked bread! At least, it will make me happy in half an hour. For now, it’s the yeasty-oaty-yummy scent that’s filled the apartment. So much better than the fishiness I came home to – forgot to take the garbage out this morning!
  • Somehow I managed to get Cameron to bed at around 9:00 tonight, earlier than normal! He was so tired. He’s planning on dreaming about kissing and hugging me,  he says.
  • Leif. I’m happy when I’m thinking about him. He and Kate visited last night, on a mission to return my wallet. I’d left it in Leif’s car. This is something like the third time I’ve done that … must buy a bright red wallet or something. Between the dinner items they brought and leftovers in my fridge, we had a seriously yummy dinner. A great evening all around.
  • Sleep. I’d had some difficulties with it for a while, waking up repeatedly through the night, never quite feeling like I got a deep, restful sleep. I’ve never been big into ‘naturopathic medicine’, but decided to give that route a try instead of trying medication. Who knows if the treatments (magnesium at night, some TCM herbal pills, vitamin B in the morning, drink water, sleepytime tea at bedtime, increase protein, acupuncture) were what worked, or if it was just something that required time to work out, but I’m sleeping again. And that makes me happy!

So – your turn. What happinesses were there in your day?


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