Another Happy Evening

I’ve still got excitement and adventure from last weekend to post about, and we have something big planned for the weekend too! But tonight I’m exhausted. So it’s another happiness post!

  • A rainbow against dark mountain rainclouds this evening, and Cameron’s glee as he told a total stranger we walked past, “It’s because there’s rain, and there’s sun! So there’s a rainbow!”
  • Going to the pool with two friends from work – feels better than going alone, and I wouldn’t have gone today if they hadn’t shown up at my office door. I’m enjoying the outdoor pool too, fresh cool air, and with each breath I can see mist rising from the water. It’s a harder workout than swimming the shorter indoor lengths. You have to swim further between breaks!
  • Cameron’s showing zero interest in drawing much that’s recognizable, but today with neat building-rod-things at daycare he built a “grabbing crane.” It had five articulated finger-like things attached to a central disk, and could grab at things. This disc was in turn attached to a column of more of these rod-like-things (sorry, have no clue what to call them). The effect was rather close to a hand on the end of an arm!
  • Cameron’s excitement and pride at karate today. He’s earned his first gold stripe, a method the dojo uses to encourage the kids and keep track of who is where, so they can attend whatever class they wish and the instructor will know exactly what they can do. This gold stripe is for setting goals for himself, and I was impressed, he named them himself. Two things he’d like to do (in the next 3 to 12 months) are learn to ride a bike, and to learn to count to one hundred.
  • He’s asleep, his tummy finally full. This was one of those days where he’s eating everything in sight. So now I’m sitting in the dimmed living room, enjoying a small glass of wine, and (don’t laugh too hard) Star Trek Voyager reruns on TV. Quiet and happy. And tomorrow I get to see Leif. Life is good.

(Picture from his first class. The gold stripe is now on one end of his belt)


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