Catch of the Day

Alright, I’ve been awfully quiet here on onein36million. Chalk it up to life, exhaustion, and having so many adventures I just can’t keep up with the writing.  So let’s turn the clock back a little to mid-February. We’d just been to Richmond’s Olympic fun spot with Leif, the O-zone, for some skating, ferris wheel, and cranberry fun. Why end it there?

Festivals, parks, forest walks are all great adventures. Did you ever think of going down to the docks to see the fishing boats? We’ve been lots and lots to the docks in Comox, so it wasn’t entirely new to Cameron, but it was still a great adventure.

Cameron stood on tiptoe, looking at the purple urchins, a tub of which had their spines trimmed, and asked, “How’d you catch those?” His eyes were huge as the man on the boat explained that they dive to catch them. After all, urchins aren’t that great at swimming, so a net won’t really work well at catching them.

There were salmon and tuna and rockfish, and thank goodness Leif was there. Not only is his company great, he knows fish and could tell Cameron what was what.  There were prawns, which Cameron remembered were caught with traps.

For some reason Cameron is fascinated by the flat fish, so the boat selling sole was a special hit for him. Even better, the live fish seemed to be kept in a big tank in the boat, and when the crew needed more they’d jump in with a big net and swish more out. Out came dogfish, the odd rock fish, and googly-eyed flip-floppy sole. These were tossed onto ice, where they quickly calmed down.

It made a big impression. Caught his attention and imagination, so to speak. For weeks I heard about how sea urchins are caught by divers, and he pretend-played a bit with this. I opened a can of tuna, and when we chatted about what it was, he looked skeptical. “Doesn’t look like the fish on the docks,” he observed.This week we spent a couple of days up in Comox for my Nana’s 93rd birthday, and we as usual went down to the docks there. We chatted with men splicing rope for halibut (and whatever else) hooks, and saw prawn and crab traps, when Cameron piped up with, “Remember when,” a favourite phrase lately, “we went to the docks with Leif, and saw sole? They slept on ice, Mama.” Then he launched into details about what we’d seen, and how we then ate fish for dinner.

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