All I Wanted for Mother’s Day…

…was sunshine.

Every year I promise myself that this is the year that I’ll do IT. I’ll run the Vancouver Sun Run. It’s a ten kilometer run through some of the most gorgeous places in the city, with entertainment along the way. The trouble is that I’m just not a runner. At all. So this year I didn’t promise myself that I’d do it; I just accepted and embraced the inner non-runner in me. I don’t run. And that’s okay. It felt good to not be grumbling and shoulding at myself during the weeks leading up to the Sun Run.

But then …

There’s a kids version. It starts earlier than the grown-up one, and it’s just 2.5 km. Really, who could resist that? It’s totally do-able for both me and Cameron, especially once I figured out that it’s the same distance as walking to and from Cameron’s daycare twice. Anyone can do THAT.

So, on Mother’s Day, race day, I wanted sunshine. I did not want to have to haul myself and Cameron around downtown Vancouver in drizzle.

I got my wish.

And Cameron had a blast! He did it so easily that I’m seriously considering signing us up for the real Sun Run next year. Who says you have to run it? He easily could’ve walked ten kilometers that day, and the grown-up version has cool things along the way. Bands, and other entertainment, keep the runners (and walkers too) entertained. This element of fun in the mini Sun Run was entirely absent! There were a few clowns at the beginning, and bouncy castles and some entertainers at the end, but nothing along the way. Who knows? Maybe Cameron will like the real run, and eventually I’ll actually run it!

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