A Gift

A couple of weeks ago Cameron and I had a marvelous, easy, fun week thanks to a gift he made for me.

That, my friends (and random strangers on the internet searching for lucky jewelry) is a bona fide wishing necklace. It’s made out of wax covered colourful strings … can’t remember what they’re sold as, but they were a hit.

Skeptical about the power of a waxy wishing necklace? Let me TELL you how effective this was.

Cameron was so eager to show me that his gift was really a wishing necklace that he did everything in his power to make wishes come true. The key is, of course, in effective wishing.

“Gee, I really do wish that my son would eat this whole plate of raw vegetables.”

“I wish that Cameron would do his pushups for karate practice without me asking him – ten good, alltheway pushups.”

“I sure wish that Cameron would eat some salad tonight at supper.”

“I wish that Cameron would go get in the bath all on his own without my help.”

“I wish that Cameron would help me and pick up his toys so we can vacuum.”

Each time he would literally jump to cheerfully do as I asked, so long as I held the charm of the necklace while I was wishing.

Best of all, at bedtime,

“I really wish my son would know just how much I love him.”

“I do Mama, I do!”


3 responses to “A Gift

  1. So glad that you’re blogging again! I’ve missed you and was wondering how things are going. You never explained what prompted your move OR how you got the new DC (which seems way better than the previous place). Are these non-blogable topics?

  2. Oh! Easy to explain that mystery. The old place was getting a little cramped and … old. My great friends bought a house with a 2 bedroom basement/ground floor suite, with a fireplace, in-suite laundry, dishwasher, in short, hugely better than where I was. Plus they’ve got two daughters, one’s just a couple of months older than Cameron and they get along great. The daycare is just down the street, and is so much more convenient than hauling Cameron to the old place. And it was definitely time to move him. Things had improved at the old daycare, but … still, there were troubles.

  3. I’m glad you’re blogging again, too! It must have been because I held up my wishing necklace and said, “I wish Mel would blog some more…”

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