Lots More than Two in the Bush

Okay, it’s been a long time since I regularly posted about adventures, so this one goes way back. Back to when snow was on the ground and we were in Ottawa. Because I’m not sure, but I think I missed this one entirely!

When we visit my parents, Cameron loves to see the bird feeders. He’s helped my mom fill them up, and gazed out the windows excitedly announcing each blue jay and chickadee that visits. There’s even one suction-cupped to the window, so he gets a good view of them up close!

But you know the saying … a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Even better when you get both, a bird in the hand in the bush.

With my Dad and Janice we bundled up, grabbed bags of seeds, and headed for Stony Swamp. We weren’t more than a few steps down the first path when the chickadees spotted us, and started flitting through the treetops, hurtling themselves from branch to branch, chirping and announcing their presence. Cameron filled his mitten with seeds, planted his feet, and stood solid and still. Bird after bird ffffffttttted into his hand. Sometimes they’d snatch a seed and flee, but sometimes they’d pause, clinging to his mitten, as if to say “Oh, hi there, thanks,” before thoughtfully selecting a choice seed. At one point Dad, I think it was, put seeds on Cameron’s hat.

Cameron stood still for a remarkably long time before finally deciding enough was enough. And off we went to explore the trails. We’d just had some freezing rain, so the trees were coated  with sparkling ice. Cameron and Dad checked out the swamp, nearly getting wet feet as it turns out that they produce enough warmth to stay unfrozen even in winter. Janice helped Cameron inspect a tree trunk that had been worked over by a woodpecker. Dad and Cameron sat for a bit on a beaver lodge and discussed what might be sleeping below them (not sure if it was occupied or not).

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Now, months later, Cameron will still chatter about it, when he sees a chickadee. “Remember when we gave them seeds, and they landed on my hand,” he’ll ask? I nod and say yes, and ask him if he remembers who we were with. “Grandma and Grandpa!”


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