Treesponsible for Earth Day

“Why do we plant trees, Mama?”

“Because trees are good for the environment. They help to give us air to breath. Do you know what else they do?”

“I dunno.”

“C’mon. Who lives in trees?”

“OH! Squirrels. Aaand birds. And bugs! Trees are homes for them!”

“We also use trees to build things.”

“Like houses, right Mama?”

“Right. And trees make paper. People cut down a lot of trees to make paper.”

“So it’s a good thing we’re planting this tree, isn’t it?”

“Yup. A very good thing. With lots of water, and sunlight, and if we leave it alone then just maybe it’ll grow up to be a really tall, strong tree.”

This spring I had the opportunity to participate in the Mom Central spark group and blog tour, for Majesta. They sent me this seed paper to plant on (or around, in our case) Earth Day, as well as samples of their products to review, which I’ll do in a later post. Still doing short-and-sweet posts here!  But do take the time, if you’re interested in ‘green’ products, to check out Majesta’s Treesponsible promise to plant three trees for every one that they harvest, and while you’re there, enter in the makeover contest to win $15000 towards a green home makeover!


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