Weekend Happinesses

Another weekend, and more adventures! We’re back in town after camping in Golden Ears — laundry, unpacking, and settling into bed is all underway. I can’t possibly stay up late writing a coherent post, so a few glimpses into the weekend will have to do.

  • A dozen kids, led by a grown-up team leader (or two) scavenger-hunting through a sunlit meadow and shady woods, finding select treasures and collecting them in bags. Slugs, moss, twigs, cocoons, spiderwebs, flowers and berries, wrappers and worms.  Birthday cake in the first warm sun of the season, Cameron’s first big-kid pickup soccer game, happy kids running outdoors all afternoon.
  • Four fairies with two pirates winding their way through the woods, with wings, wands, and swords of brightly coloured balloons. They ranged far, often only the loudest outbursts of giggles audible, or a distant glimpse of a bright blue fleece between trees.
  • “Mommy, I really love you,” from the back of a shiny red bicycle. No, he can’t quite ride it solo, but he did manage a few brief moments of balance without me holding on.
  • A concert of birdcalls at 4:30 am. Incredible! Next time I’ll bring earplugs. For Cameron. That’s far too early for him (or me) to wake up.
  • Hiking in a gentle drizzle through a soft, moss-blanketed and coated forest. Mosses crept from the forest floor up tree trunks, reaching to lichen and moss-furred branches. The hike itself was short and pleasant, to the lake and back, with a “where does this path lead” adventure. The answer? Right where we thought, back to camp.


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