Short and Sweet

It’s an experience every kid should get. Multiple times. Grown-ups too!

Waves of heat against wind-chilled faces, while the fire crackles and pops. Stars come slowly, one at a time, then all in a rush until the sky is filled with zillions of them. The forest around disappears into the darkness. Family and friends chat, or just sit peacefully. Golds, yellows, reds chase each other around in the embers, mesmerizing. Impatience will get you a burned (but still yummy) treat – but if you wait, turning it slowly, at just the right place … marshmallows turn to golden-brown foamy delicious goo.

Sorry guys, it’s been a long day, and I’ve got to be stretching out a very unhappy hamstring! Yay, made it to ‘boot camp’ this evening while Cameron played nearby in the playground, but … ouch. So it’s short and sweet tonight!

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One response to “Short and Sweet

  1. This is a very shallow comment, but I must tell you how much I ENVY that fire-bowl-thingy! If I ever have a house again i am so getting one of those! I’m sure my boy will love it. And the gooey marshmallows of course! 🙂

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