Gardens, corn on the cob, story time. Happy.

Tonight wasn’t a particularly hard night, but I’m just exhausted. It’s 11. I’m going to bed.

Happinesses to remember tonight:

A funny little garden gnome stands guard over a vegetable plot hidden on the top level of the overgrown terrace that I can see from my office window. Someone’s planted up there, and it looks like their crop is thriving. A little bit of guerilla gardening.

The sun came out!

Cameron digging through the fridge, a risky venture as most days there are a few items in there that really should NOT be consumed. He hauled out the corn on the cob, “Can we please, Mommy?” When I said sure, he waved a cob over his head, saying, “Yay yay today-ay, we get corn today-ay!” He gobbled his corn and wanted more. Too bad the beans were old and tough (must complain to Spuds so they know). And I forgot to take the skin off the chicken (baked with a sauce in the oven), so it wasn’t the best either. Oh well. The corn was a hit. He got every kernel.

Snuggling in the comfy chair, reading to Cameron. We’re reading the Butterfly Lion – well over his head for the most part, but he’s getting the gist of it. We talk about it in the evening, then read a chapter or two, then I explain what happened after. While I’m reading he mostly just relaxes in my lap, letting the words flow over and around him, gently absorbing them.


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