Return to the Beach

Like last year, we went up to Comox to visit for my Nana’s birthday. Just like last year, we took advantage of the low early-May tides and went to Point Holmes, the same place where we found starfish galore, sea anemones, weird drippy things clinging to the rocks, and such last year.

It’s amazing how much a rocky beach can change from year to year. Last year you could hardly move without risking stepping on a starfish. They were scattered all over the rocks, like leaves on the lawn in autumn. This year there were still plenty, but not nearly so many. We didn’t see any sunstars. There were very few of the orange shells I nearly eradicated collected as a child. But instead, there were these bright orange … things … clustered with the starfish, wedged under rocks, nearly hidden in the tidal pools. Sea cucumbers! I’ve never seen so many in my life.

Cameron of course wanted to play in the sand, but this year he was more adventurous and willing to look around than last year. Touching a starfish? Old hat, mom. Climb around on slippery slimy seaweed coated rocks? No problem! Now can I go play in the sand Mama?

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