Mommy Boot Camp Night

It’s Monday, and that means Mommy Boot Camp around here for the next dozen weeks or so. This also means that no matter what cool things happened on the weekend (such as a couple of festivals and Father’s Day, which really needs a post), everything is on hold while my brain handles little more than “Ow.”

The day was long and exhausting. But I’m so glad I did boot camp. An hour solid of running backwards and forwards, inchworming, pushup-ing, tossing medicine balls, shuffling, squatting, jumping, burpee-ing. Cameron had a blast playing with the other kids, pretty much on his own at the end of the soccer field. Don’t freak out, I could see him (nearly) the whole time, the playground is fenced in, and the older kids heard me tell him to NOT leave the playground unless one of them went with him.

Then home, and a promised spinach pizza for dinner, with raspberries and chocolate Easter leftovers for dessert. After Cameron’s bath, we snuggled in the comfy chair to read. I’ve abandoned the Butterfly Lion for now, having learned an important lesson: read the book before starting reading it to Cameron. War, injuries, death, and in a way it’s a ghost story. Great book, just not bedtime material for a four year old. So now we’re reading Winnie-the-Pooh. Enough of a hit that Cameron giggled at the silly songs and at Christopher Robin saying, “Silly old bear,” and begged for a second chapter.

Now it’s time to stretch. And call Lief. And sleep.


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