Quickly While I Write …

I missed last night – sorry guys, had a nasty headache. So I’m writing now. But I just have to share. Because over-sharing is what blogging is about, isn’t it?

I switched Nimoo from her regular kitty litter (Swheat) to normal clay-based litter. Just a matter of convenience. To get the wheat based stuff means extra time to get to the specialty pet store, and lugging a heavy bag of it back, either on the bus, or walking. I originally switched her to Swheat on the advice of someone at one of those cool-pet stores, and was amazed. Overnight Nimoo’s temperament changed. She was no longer a crabby bee with an itch. She more or less stopped lashing out at me if I did something awful like walk past her. Overnight, she became a pleasant kitty. She also stopped snoring.The explanation is that the dust from clay based litters can irritate kitty’s narrow sinus passageways, essentially giving her a wicked sinus headache from hell that she cannot escape. You’d be crabby too.

I think this weekend I’m going to get to a specialty kitty store again.

She’s still being pleasant. She’s curled up beside me. Snoring loudly. Last night she woke me up with her snores. Leif doesn’t even wake me up with his snores.

And so it begins …


One response to “Quickly While I Write …

  1. Hmmm . . . so after switching -> increased tiny airborne particles . . . you had a nasty headache.
    Maybe? Love.

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