Technical Difficulties

We had a fantastic weekend,  nothing outrageous, just fun and peaceful. I want to post pictures, but I can’t find even one of the three cords I have to connect it! They are nowhere. At least, not anywhere where they belong … darnit, I need to tidy.

And it’s midnight, just about.

I know it’s been a few days since I posted, but you’ll have to wait a wee bit longer!


Giggles and laughter from outside as Cameron and Grace played after daycare tonight. It’s such a treat; normally the kids part ways all teary because they don’t want to stop the playtime.  Oh, and Cameron has decided that for his next birthday he wants a knights and castle party. He will be King Jayko (a character in a book I bought him on the weekend) and Grace will be his Queen.

Sharing my smoothie with Cameron this morning. He wanted his own, but pouts and rebellion disappeared as he realized that yes, I would share mine on the walk to school.

Cuddling with Cameron after his bath, reading Bats and the Beach. We’d chatted about why he doesn’t want to hear Pooh any more – go figure, Pooh gets lost and this scared him. But he still wasn’t interested in it, he wanted his old favourite. He even admitted to being tired. He asked me about how moving pictures from our computer can be seen on a computer far away (aka Skype and iChat), and I did my best to explain it. He wants to videochat with Grandma and Grandpa, and Granna and Grandpa Bill, now, to see it again in action.

Smartfood popcorn. I treated myself.  Yum.

Warm and snuggly, curled up with the computer and the kitty. Chatted with Leif on the phone. And now it’s bedtime.

Oh – I nearly forgot. “Cameron, honey, does Buzz Lightyear run away when he’s afraid of something?” The answer I was looking for was, “No Mama, he saves the day with Woodie,” or something along those lines. But no. The answer I got was, “No Mama! He flies away!”


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