Once, I couldn’t wait for him to start talking

Cameron chatted in his sleep last night. Something about balloons, and no, you could have one of those over there, this was his balloon.  And somewhere around 5:30 he said something loudly that sounded like it was words, but he was done by the time I woke up and really listened.  That was just the prelude.

Mama? Mama? Did you know that Buzz Lightyear says to infinity and beyond? To infinity, and beyond! Tooooo infinity, and beyond! To infinity, and BEYOND! To INFINITY, and beyond! And beyond! I mean, uh, To infinity, and beyond! To bimbimity, and defond! To limpimpity and sesond! Due Kimpompipy and abomb! Snicker, giggle. Mama, I said a bomb. A bomb, mama, I said … mama? Mama? Mama! I said a bomb! Funny, eh? A bomb. Miss Suzanne doesn’t let us have bombs in class. Or guns. But Ethan at my old daycare, he can play about bombs and guns. And Curran, he played at shooting too, and I told Miss Suzanne, and he kept shooting his gun. Hey, Mama, look, I made a gun! I use it to shoot bad guys. If a bad guy comes here, and then I see him? And then he comes closer? Then I’ll shoot him. And he’ll know he’s in trouble, because I’ll shoot him. And then – hey Mama? Which way do we go? This way, or this way? That way? Is this way that way? Oh, that way.  Can we go to the playground? That one over there! Is that what we’re doing? Oh, yeah, right, we’re going to have dinner. I forgot. But I had the memory in my mind. I had to find the memory in my  mind, it was in my mind, and it was a memory, and I had to find it, but then there it was. And I remembered the memory. We’re going out to dinner! I remembered. But I just forgot. For a moment. Until I found the memory. Hey, Mama? After supper, can we go play in the playground? Why NOT? Why, Mama? WAHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHH ohWAIT, I’ve got Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond! Look at what Buzz is doing, Mama! Look, he’s doing it! See, he’s got this laser. But it’s off now, because there are no bad guys and he wants to save electricity. Hey that man’s phone is ringing. Do you think it’s Granna calling? Maybe Grandma? Hey, hey, is that my Grandma? Oh, no, sillybilly, Grandma wouldn’t be calling HIS phone, she doesn’t know him. Or maybe she does. But she doesn’t know we’re here, so she wouldn’t call him. Hey, is Canada day tomorrow? Is it tomorrow right now? Whyyyyyy? Is tomorrow the day after this day? This day is today? Or is today tomorrow? Mama? Lookitthatoverthere! Over there! See that thing over there, what’s that? That one behind the small thing. No, not that. That, there. No, not thaaaat. No, not that. THAT.  It’s small, and it’s black, and it flies … oh, a crow. Crow, crow, blow, mlow. I said mlow, Mama. Mlow. Say mlow, Mama! Meeeyow. Meeeeeyow. I’m a kitty now, Mama. Mama? I’m a kitty.

I don’t think he stopped talking all day long. At daycare apparently he wore out all four teachers.


3 responses to “Once, I couldn’t wait for him to start talking

  1. And even after reading this, and seeing it live on my friends’ older kids, I CAN’T WAIT for C to start saying something more coherent than “baaa baaa baaa” or “wee wee wee.”

    Guess you never learn from someone else’s kids!

    • Ahhh, the excitement of waiting for words, I do remember! Cameron’s first, by the way, wasn’t anything gooshy like Mama or Love You or what have you. Light. Pronounced ITE. I didn’t even notice it, for all he’d been saying it repeatedly, I think it was Janice who pointed it out.

      I am glad he learned to talk of course. And I’m sure the next step will be a post from me saying, “Man, once I complained that he wouldn’t shut up. Now all I get is sulky sullen silence or monosyllabic grunt replies!”

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