A Love Letter

My dear Cameron,

You had a rough evening. You were worn right out after daycare today, so tired that you didn’t really know what you wanted, but you sure didn’t want the busy fun to end.

You wanted to decorate your bike … or rather, you wanted Mommy to decorate your bike.

You wanted to build a tunnel for your train! GREAT! But what you really wanted was for Mommy to build you a tunnel, to your specifications, detailed only after a block had been misplaced. And at the end of a long day there’s only so much I can take of, “NO not like THAT!”

You wanted your headlamp, right when I was busy with a part of dinner-making that I couldn’t leave. “I don’t know honey, it’s somewhere,” was translated as, “Go ahead and pull everything out of drawers and containers in my room, and strew the contents all over my bedroom. Please.”

You cried so pitifully with each disappointment like your heart was going to break. But there was fun, too.

You got to help me make Jell-o for the first time. We dropped in frozen strawberries and popped it in the fridge. Covered with a whipped-cream happy face it was quite a treat for dessert.

Once tunnel building negotiations were done, we played together, choo-chooing trains around the track, until one of your bombs destroyed the tunnel.

Best of all, just as the spaghetti for supper was around five minutes short of being ready, the sprinklers went on outside. And out we went, to run around the yard, giggling and laughing, getting soaked through to the skin. You’ve begged to do this for ages, but it’s been too cold, and I kept saying, “When it’s hot.” Today it was hot. So you got a wonderful surprise.

Curled up together in bed, the remainder of the evening having gone fairly well, you snuggled in close, fighting sleep so hard to say one last thing. “Sprinklers were fun, Mama. Love you, Mama.” The final a was a snore.

My Cameron, yes they were. And yes, I love you too.


3 responses to “A Love Letter

  1. Ooooh, I can’t wait till my own boy is old enough for the fun to be fun! Right now his version of “Love you, Mama” is smearing me with snot and drool and then biting me.

    That said, I’m gonna miss baby kisses when my boy grows up!

    Also: spaghetti, sprinklers AND jello dessert? You’re a right supermom and I wanna be like you when I grow up.

    • Well I can tell you that at four, Cameron still occasionally gives me “snotty kisses,” then giggles with glee as I wipe it off. So those don’t necessarily end 🙂 And thanks! That was a good evening for sure, despite the tired meltiness of Cameron.

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