Weekend Happiness

Sometimes you just get it right. The planets align, or you get out on the right side of the bed, or … something. Whatever it is, the weekend is filled with fun, happiness, smiles, and general good feelings.

This was one of those weekends.  And man, does it ever feel good.

A third gold stripe at karate for Cameron. He’s been working really hard, and his focus still needs work, but hey. He’s four. When he’s alert and focused he works so hard at doing what they ask him to do to perfection.

Leif had an afternoon of golf planned, so Cameron and I decided to go for a walk in the woods. My plan to start up at the Cleveland Dam and walk down to the shore fell apart when Cameron heard that the trail would take us past the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s a bit of a manicured show-the-tourists forest, but we still had a great time. We sat by the edge of one of the ponds for around fifteen minutes, chatting about the plants (how the ones under water looked different from the rushes that grew up out of the water and why), the bugs (what kinds there were, what they ate), the spiders (where they lived, what they ate), the fish (we saw them eating the bugs), and the birds. Then we talked about water, as we watched the river rush below, and drank from our bottles.

The walk to Edgemont Village threatened to derail the happy-fun mood, as Cameron was wiped right out. And crashing from the ginormous ice cream he’d devoured.  Simple deal though: I carried Cameron a couple blocks to the barber’s, and he’d take a nap when we got home.  He yawned through his haircut, nearly dozing off in the chair, then perked up when he saw the results. We laughed and jumped and big-giant-stepped and headed  home.

Did he nap? Of course not. This is Cameron. He played out in the yard with Grace, sliding into a wading pool, giggling and wriggling and playing in the late-afternoon sun.

Then off to a party – a friend’s birthday. Cameron was so well-behaved, and a little angel. Got some laughs, too. He asked the wife of one of my work friends for her phone number. On a juice-sugar high, he got all close and cuddly with another woman, lying with his head in her lap. It was long after 10:30 when we left, and while he was tired, he was still showing his best behaviour. There was no crying or fussing in the car, either.

Today, we had a surprise planned for Cameron and Kate. A water park! We packed up and got going, picked up Kate, and grabbed some breakfast and coffee. The day was pretty much perfect. Sure, a couple minor grumps and sulks, but overall, wonderful. The kids started off on the splash-pad style park, and I joined them a little. Cameron needed a bit of encouragement to actually get into the thick of things, and hey, my sundress would dry quickly. Then some playtime in the dry playground while Leif got some things from the car, and we found a spot on the wide, grassy field. Kate flew her kite (and unfortunately broke it, then the wind died after Leif fixed it), Cameron and I played with a Frisbee. We enjoyed fish and chips, listening to the live music, before going swimming.

It was a weekend with no major tears, no time outs, no significant frustration, and the only meltdowns were half-hearted at best. Even better, it was full of smiles and laughter, forehead to forehead I love yous, waking up next to Leif, sunshine inside and out.

So yeah. I’m happy.

And tired. Wiped right out.


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