Lost is Found

As you might already know, I am car-less. Sometimes I call it car-free, but right now I’m feeling it’s more less than free. But because cars aren’t free, I’m without.

This means taking the bus. It’s a long commute, involving two busses or a boat and a bus. It’s two ‘zones’ of travel. Because I do this five days a week I joined the ’employer pass’ program, where I get roughly 15 dollars off a monthly pass by paying straight off my paycheque and committing to a year of pass-buying. Passes are great. Except of course when you lose them.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been that rider. The bus rider who gets on, mumbles something about having a pass, but has her hands full so the drivers usually say, “Oh, I know you, you’re on every day. Go ahead.” Except when they don’t. Because sometimes there’s an unfamiliar driver, who scowls and insists on seeing the pass, and then I’m stuck digging for change and looking like a liar. Uh – I guess because in that case I am a liar, I don’t have the pass, because the pass is wh0-knows-where. I have checked everywhere. I have contacted the transit company’s lost and found, and called the aquarium, which is one place I thought I might have dropped it. I was putting off paying the replacement fee of $50 as long as I could, hoping beyond hope that it would turn up.

Last night Cameron, envious of Kate’s kite, decided he wanted to make one. So he got some paper out, decorated it, put a ‘tail’ on it, and pestered me for tape and string. While I was making dinner. As I was searching for these items that I had put who-knows-where (tape gets hidden or Cameron would wrap the whole living room in it, string gets hidden or Nimoo finds it, eats it, and pukes it) I opened a cupboard door. Nope, no tape, no string. “Hey, Mama, those are my stickers! My firefighter stickers!” Stickers! Stickers could work as tape! So I gave him two sheets. “Hey, Mama, this isn’t mine,” Cameron said, handing up to me a white and red bit of plastic that had been sandwiched between the stickers.

My bus pass.


I think I’ll buy him a kite. Or maybe not. Because who knows what we’ll find next time he makes one!


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