I think he’s real already!

No, not from tonight. This is Cameron and his Bunny, around a year ago.We’ve worked our way through Winnie the Pooh, and then the House at Pooh Corner, and repeated several stories he enjoyed. Yes, even the one where Pooh and Piglet follow their own tracks around in the forest. He did understand it after we re-enacted it. Then as I was searching through my bookshelf for a book for myself — I’m in a mood where I want to read old favourites again — I found a childhood favourite.

The Velveteen Rabbit.

For a little boy who loves his bunny dearly, this seemed perfect. I set it aside to bring with us on our trip, thinking that the fairy at the end would also appeal to Kate, whose daddy makes up stories about fairies at bedtime for her.

But Cameron discovered it in the pile of books, and pulled it out, and looked through the pictures on his own. Nothing would change his mind, it had to be read tonight.

Cameron curled on my lap, listening to every word, asking questions here and there. He learned about how we say animals have coats, when we mean their fur. He learned what velvet and sateen are (I found examples). He learned what hind legs means, when the newly-real rabbit uses his new ones to scratch his nose.

Then it was bedtime, after promising him we’d bring the story along with us, and I’d read it to him and Kate. He recognized that the fairy would be quite thrilling to Kate, and kept saying, “Kate just HAS to see this, she just HAS to,” pointing to the picture. He willingly went to bed, and found his bunny, who got a snuggle and a hug, and was told, “I love you Bunny, I really do!” He flopped his head down on Arf-arf, the big golden retriever stuffie Betty gave him long ago, then sat up again. “If you love them, Cameron,” I said quietly, “Maybe some day they’ll become real, like in the book, like the fairy says.” Cameron thought about this, hugging Bunny close. “I think he’s real already, Mama.”

He pulled all the stuffies from the shelf by his bed, asking about each one in turn if he wasn’t sure who gave them to him. He knows Arf-arf is from Betty, and Bunny came all the way from the North Pole in Santa’s sleigh. The dragon was from Betty before he was even born. The teddy bear was from Granna and Grandpa Bill, the pink turtle from Samuel and Maite, and the starlight one from me. The lion, I couldn’t remember, but Cameron did. “Grandma and Grandpa sent him, Mommy, after they sent the Not Well Behaved Lions to Cuba!” I had no clue he still remembered those lions, they’ve been gone from his chatter for some time now.

Cameron fell asleep with all his favourite stuffies, except the Dragon Who Guards his Door and Keeps him Safe (who was of course over the door, guarding), piled around and underneath him.

(and yes, you did catch that, didn’t you? We’re heading away for a week. Oregon here we come! So posts will be a little rare. I’m bringing my computer, but will be surprised if I get a connection to write anything on! Still, just in case, c’mon back and look. And when we’re back I’m sure I’ll have a kazillion adventures to write about!)


2 responses to “I think he’s real already!

  1. I have tears in my eyes. You write so beautifully Melanie and how fortunate you and Cameron are to have each other.

    Hope you all made it through the border sans wait, and are having a wonderful adventure vacation together.

    Hugs and Love.

    • Lots of love and hugs – yup, having a great time. The border wasn’t exactly … er … anywhere near sans wait. An hour and a half.

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