Kickin’ it old-style

One of my earliest memories is the sight of lightning blazing through the orange canvas of our old tent-top trailer, right above us, and the crash of thunder along with it.  Mom of course remembers me strangling her with my need to get away. I was somewhere around two.  I don’t really remember much else about the trailer, other than the beds folding out, and the poles holding it up.

We did a couple of trips, I think, from Ottawa to the west coast in that one before we bought a hard-top pop-up trailer. Talk about luxury! It had a fridge, a stove, a sink, cupboards and drawers, lights, a table that collapsed into another bed, and was a cinch to set up even in the rain. The beds pulled out, and had windows for fresh air, and if I recall, curtains to divide them from the living-space. Tasha and I shared one side, Dad slept at an angle on the other, and Mom had the table turned into a bed.

(my sister’s gonna hate me. Ohwait, she already does. So no problem!)

So when Leif said he had a pop-up trailer to borrow for our trip, that’s what I thought he meant.  He warned me it was old (it’s older than we are), and I told him the truth, old didn’t matter. Smelly and critter nest would matter. Old doesn’t.

Ohmy it’s made me realize the luxury we had in that hard-top tent trailer. There’s little inside at all – a table on a pedestal, and two benches with backs to sit at, and a small box for storage.  The kids share one bed, with Cameron half on one bench so they aren’t tussling for space, and Leif and I share the other. Now, he’s too tall for it – heck, I think I am. So my feet go on a bench, and Leif puts a bench-back on a cooler for his feet. It does have a gear mechanism for lifting up the roof, but if you try to do just by cranking it, the chain pops off at the back and that side collapses. In a land of fancy trailers with toilets, LCD TVs, and microwaves, we’re getting plenty of grins, questions, and good-natured ribbing. We’re going retro. We’re kickin’ it old-style. How old is that trailer? So old that it’s cool.

And it’s a hell of a lot better than tenting for a week.


5 responses to “Kickin’ it old-style

    • I so didn’t think it was, as a kid, but now? It looks just about perfect. Ah well, the sportcraft or whatever that was served its purpose. Better than a tent. Kept us off the ground and dry!

  1. The red trailer at the bottom is a 1969 Sportscraft, made ion Alberta Canada. I bought a ’70 second hand in 71, and pulled it ’til 94. Second best investment I ever made, my wife came first We camped all over Eastern Canada, & NW US. Went through Hurricane Ethel in PEI. The next morning we were on of the very few rigs left standing, even full trailers were in trouble. I had put extra ropes out and made sure everything was secure but our “Little Red Caboose” came through unscathed. It was a great design. I added a ‘dresser’ 110 volt wiring, extra 12v markers etc, but the design was a ‘winner’. We sold it to my wife’s nephew who still has it, using it mostly as an extra bedroom.

    The Old Geezer

  2. We have a 69 Sportcraft, the same thing. Very basic. love it. Just need to mend some of the canvas

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