Bikes and Scooters

The three girls rode their bikes around and around the loop of the campground. Kate’s only just gotten the hang of starting on her own, and still gets frustrated, but she manages. The freedom!

I’d hoped that Cameron would be inspired to learn, if only to keep up with the older girls.  We hauled his bike with us, a very tight squeeze and difficult to pack, just in case. And I’m glad  we did, because while he didn’t really pick up on it, he did agree to one biking session.

That’s Rob helping him. He’s almost got it! So close, that on the way back to our site (several loops away), he was eager, alternating between his bike and his scooter. Then … *skid* *wham* he was on the ground.

That was it for biking. Not just for the day, but for the whole trip.

Oh well, he did have his scooter, and instead of learning to ride his bike, he learned to ride that thing. Until now he’s only just been walking with it, rolling it between steps, not really scooting. Now? Zip! He’ll stand on one foot on it, coasting along, then push like mad to coast again.

And I just know:  if we’d left the bike behind, he would’ve been dying to learn to ride.


One response to “Bikes and Scooters

  1. Of course! Smith’s Corollary to Murphy’s Law: the one item you don’t bring is the one you will most desperately need.

    I think Smith was a mom.

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