Sorry for the lack of posting last night. Mama boot camp (which has now expanded to include occasionally the teenage kids of a couple moms, and one dad) has spawned another night. Wednesday’s boot camp was tougher than Monday’s, to the point where some of us were asking our trainer, “Are you MAD at us or something,” and “You seem to be confused with the change in day, so let us just remind you that we’re NOT your elite athlete group?” Holy core workout. And lots of pushups. And killer long squats interrupted by jumps. And jumping in and out of tires. And lunges across the field. And … ow, I hurt just thinking aboutit.

So I fell asleep curled up with Cameron last night. Instead of calling Leif, instead of writing, instead of tidying, and most critically, instead of stretching.



2 responses to “Ow

  1. Oh NOES! i’d tell you to eat tomato, but my ex bf totally debunked that myth. Well WTH, I love tomatoes anyway.

    …eat ice cream! It’s great for breaking down lactic acid! šŸ˜‰

  2. Ooh, I like that cure!

    Might even help cure the “My kid is driving me up the wall NUTS” feeling I’ve got.

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