A happy evening on a foggy beach

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A lonely, rusted out skeleton of a ship, half-burried in the sand. Ocean waves crashed to shore nearby, and dusk’s fog crept in. Four kids in bright colours explored pools of water left by the tide.

Laughter and giggles as I picked up and flipped three kids, one by one. “My turn — you guys flip me now!” We all got sandy and I got dizzy as I rewarded their efforts with a sommersault in the sand.

Leif BBQed cheesedogs and sliced carrot sticks for us as darkness gathered and a light drizzle started, and I painted flowers on three girls’ faces, and a dinosaur on Cameron’s.

Cameron called out, “Pizza slices” and “French fries” as he slid down a tall sandy bluff – remembering his ski lessons.

A hot shower by myself while the kids watched a movie and Leif built a fire.

Cameron cuddled on my lap, late at night, in the warmth of the fire.

Sleepy, happy, tired kids.


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