OW again

Ohmy I’m in the land of ow tonight. Boot camp. Sorry, no cleverly written tales of adventure or parenting or anything other than what’s on my mind …

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Thanks to boot camp, my back is still twingy and my calf muscle periodically decides to turn into a little dense knot of ow-iness.

I’ve learned the lesson of “you need to eat on boot camp days,” and the one of “if you forget to eat do not do it all at once at 3pm on boot camp days.” I’ve even perfected the art of a small light smoothie a half hour before class starts.

My current lesson: drink water and lots of it on boot camp days.

The good news is that Cameron had a blast. One dad was keeping the kids entertained with a remote controlled helicopter. Another kid brought a compressed-air rocket launcher from the looks of it. Another had a balsamwood glider. Three had a soccer ball. There was a cool wind, and a whole field to run free in. He was in heaven.

Okay. Tomorrow, back to adventures from the Oregon coast, and you’ll find out why Cameron was so excited he literally did not know what to do with himself.


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