I Procrastinate

I procrastinate. I do. I’ll even nest my procrastination into so many layers sometimes that it’s hard to see what is the original “later” step.

Sometimes things get a little overwhelming, and I’m doing fine, even better than fine, but tasks get put off because it’s just too much for me to handle doing right then. A perfect example is selling stuff on craigslist. I won some things in raffles etc a while back – a laser printer,  an ipod – that I just don’t have a use for right now. It’s been over a year since I won the printer, and it’s still sitting in my office. Another example? Baby stuff. I haven’t used Cameron’s stroller in over a year now, it’s been folded up with the rain cover on it, tucked out of the way all this time. We moved, and I just moved it, and left it under the eves next to my door. “I should clean that thing and sell it,” I keep thinking.

A few days ago I noticed a few wasps around it. Then I noticed a few going in … and coming out. Then I noticed that it wasn’t just a few.

I told Paul about it, meaning it as a, “Keep the girls away from it while I figure out how to handle this.” Wow – he sprung to action.

First he tried spraying the wasps coming in and out with soapy water. Hmmm. Didn’t seem to be very effective. Then he decided in the evening to try to move the stroller away from the door, very helpful! He got stung for his efforts. Much later, out he came again wearing what looked like ski pants, a longsleeved shirt, gardening gloves, and a laundry bag over his head. Thus armed, he hauled the stroller to the far corner of my small (but fantastic) yard. Heeeyyy, no stings. Let’s try opening it! With a stick, he shoved it until he flipped it open, exposing the nest. Yikes! Buzz, buzz, buzz, went the angry wasps. He was fine for a bit, until they found him … and another sting sent him on the retreat.

I should note, I wimpily observed all of this from my kitchen window, calling encouragement.

He and Joanne joined me, to ogle the nest. It looks like they made quite a mess of the fleece liner! As wasps swarmed the light outside my door, we made what I think was a wise decision: call an exterminator!

So much for selling the stroller. I’m going to find out what exactly the exterminator did (I’m guessing used a poison, as it looks to me like the nest is still there), but I’m assuming it’s a write off.

That’s what I get for procrastinating. An unsellable (most likely) stroller, and a stung friend.

Maybe I should get my rear in gear and sell those other things before wasps or worse take up residence in them.


5 responses to “I Procrastinate

  1. LOL!
    I was wimpy, too! But the last time I got stung I had to go to the hospital for an adrenaline shot.
    I’m pretty sure the exterminator guy said the stroller would still be usable. I’ll check with Paul.

  2. Dang! Well, if wasps don’t make you get your rear in gear, nothing will, sister.

    …which reminds me I have a STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE stroller I need to sell. Mama could totally use those $600. Craigslist here we come!

  3. Joanne, you’ve got allergies as an excuse, a pretty good one! Me, I just don’t like pain.

    Get on it, Maria. I imagine you’ve got far worse pests there than wasps! Heck OSTRICHES might take up residence in that stroller 🙂

  4. Thanks Joanne, that does actually help to set my mind at ease. I’ll wash it down with either a mild ammonia or mild bleach solution to ensure breakdown of bendiocarb in there. Then Craigslist, here I come!

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