Missed Me?

We’ve been quite busy, off on another series of adventures, this time visiting family in Ottawa. No wireless internet at my Dad and Janice’s home means that while we are out having fun, there’s little chance to post. I normally write after Cameron’s asleep, and he’s been a little ‘off’ these past few days – jet lag combined with different places I’m sure – and he’s not falling asleep easily. Add to this, I’m on holiday! I want to visit.

Last year our trip to Ottawa began a long hiatus from the blogosphere (good gods, did I actually just use that word?) for me, for a number of reasons. I’m determined to not let that happen again, don’t worry. But things might be a little thin for a bit. While I’m here at the Lake, sure I’ve got internet access, but I’ve also got family to be social with. And Cameron to keep an eye on. There are four other adults here (Mom, Bill, Betty, and my cousin Scott), but Cameron’s in an odd mood still. He’s not adjusting quite as well this time to the Big Changes associated with a long away-from-home trip as I would like, even though he’s been very excited about museums, water parks, boat rides, and swimming. He’s quite … clingy. And whiney. And apt to burst into tears and need Mama’s hugs and kisses.

Speaking of boat rides, they’re due back at any time now. Cameron went off with Bill and Mom to get gas or do something (I missed the details), and were supposed to be back somewhere between “in five minutes,” and “eventually.”


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