Rhymes With Thunder

There is something just inherently cool about hiking to the highest point of land around. You can see so far – you sort of get a feel for where you are in the world. Around here where we live, the mountains rise up to the north of us, so you can get pretty darned high up. Near the lake there aren’t any mountains – it’s rolling hills of granite worn smooth by glaciers millennia ago. Still, the short climb up Rock Dunder, the highest point around, is worth it.

Cameron was so excited. We – Cameron, Mom and I – had already been on a short hike in the ‘back yard’ that afternoon, but now the excitement was that we’d be hiking with Grandpa Bill too.  We got there by boat, up the ‘back’ way. There’s no dock, just a natural ledge to step onto and a couple of trees to tie up on.

And up we went, exploring along the way. There’s a small cabin on the way, and we peeked in. “There might be ghosts up there,” Cameron breathed, looking at the ladder up to the loft. And still, my sometimes-brave little guy climbed up for a peek. There were chipmunk holes on the path to investigate, and acorns to gather, and blue markers that pointed the route.

The top is surprisingly breathtaking. No, it’s not the sharp, dramatic view of the world that you get from atop Grouse or the Chief. But still … wow. It’s a larger horizon, smooth hills. Old.  Cameron enthused about being above the treetops, and wanted to get much closer to the edge of the cliffs than I was really comfortable with.  He loved leading the way, following the blue markers, seeing what was over there!

Of course, my inspired little rap artist, my rhyming wonder (except when he gets silly and announces that shoe rhymes with pillow), loved that Rock Dunder rhymed with Thunder.

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