Sharing Fun

Cameron and I have a tradition. It’s fairly new, just about as long as he’s been doing karate, but it’s safe I think to call it a tradition now. After karate on Thursdays we either have to positively boot it out of the dojo and run several blocks to catch a bus, or we wait for an hour for the next one.  So, we wait. And enjoy a nice pasta dinner at the Quay.


Cameron loves these dinners. The few times we’ve scurried straight home it’s been devastating. East Side Mario’s has pasta,  pictures of Venice (on his list of places he wants to go to), ice cream for dessert, and a treasure chest with toys. We run there as soon as he’s changed after karate, giggling, racing.


Once, we were joined by Granna and Grandpa Bill, and Cameron just about died with excitement. Same for when Leif and Kate joined us in a special trip after a weekend karate class. But what he now really wants is for one of his karate friends to join us. Yegor (I think I’m misspelling his name) couldn’t join us, and then he moved away. Ethan and Blake head home right away, but might join us on Saturday for hot chocolate before swim class. Brianna has dinner before karate, and has to scoot home.


Except tonight. And maybe from now on.


Cameron piped up in the changeroom tonight. “Can Brianna come to East Side Mario’s tonight? Please?” He asked her mom so politely. Brianna chimed in with the pleases, and Deb, her mom, reluctantly agreed. Not because she didn’t want to – but because she wanted to be sure that Brianna wouldn’t give her a hard time at bedtime with the change in her schedule.


So Deb drove their car down, and Brianna and Cameron held hands and raced as fast as they could, the three of us laughing and giggling.  The kids had a grand time. We jokingly called it their first date – they were so sweet, snuggled in close to each other, whispering and giggling. They agreed on their food together, crunched on the carrot sticks we special-ordered when they said they wanted them, blew bubbles in their milk (until their spoil-sport moms said enough of that). Cameron enjoyed sharing this special place, being the one in the know, and when they’d finished their dinners he politely asked the server if she would bring the treasure chest — for Brianna. “And me too, but for Brianna.” They rooted through the treasure chest and licked ice cream cones together.


All while the two moms chilled, ate, and sipped beer.


And we’ll do it again next week.


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