It’s been a while …

… since I did a happiness post.

A bald eagle, fish clutched in its talons, soaring over the river on wind that hints of coming snow. I grouse about the bus commute, but it does have its moments of beauty.


Remembering Leif’s smile on Monday morning. He had plans to go golfing, so was up and getting ready to go long before I was ready to get up. Long before I was ready to focus my eyes. So the view in my memory is a little blurry, but still sweet.


Cameron’s eagerness to do his chores and responsibilities, and his determination to earn and save enough money to buy that toy he wants. He’s also driven by the desire to tell Sir Joel at karate that he’s done his pushups every day all week, and to see happy face magnets for each responsibility with no blank squares. He’s on his second perfect day.


The nights are getting chilly – the furnace has been on! While I love summer’s sunshine and heat, by fall I’m ready for it to be cool. I’m ready to bake bread again, and watch it slowly rise while I read to Cameron by the fire. I’m ready even for long and dark evenings, cozy indoors while the rain pounds outside. I’d rather not have that rain during the day though, if that could be arranged? Maybe?


Cameron, stretched out on the couch. When did he get so long? He was on, working his way through some of the reading games he’s not wanted to play before, content while I made dinner.


Holding Cameron’s hand, listening to him breathe, as he drifted off to sleep. It took maybe four breaths, once he stopped talking.


What made you happy today?


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