Walking a Labyrinth


I’ll come back another day, when all is peaceful, when kids aren’t playing tag around me, when Frisbees aren’t flying, when laughter and activity aren’t distracting me.


I can’t really focus on a single question, a thought, about my life right now. Every time I try to, two kids go tearing past me, yelling, with another in chase. It’s okay. Chaos is normal. I knew it would be like this when I started the walk.



Mama, what are you doing?

I’m walking the Labyrinth, Cameron.

Why, Mama?

Well, it’s a way of meditating, ah, thinking. Of …

I’ll hold your hand. Let’s walk together, Mama.

Okay, Cameron. I’d like that.

His hand is warm. He sees the grass path between the bare dirt lines now, and takes off running on it.



I’ve reached the end of this line! When you get to the end, you get a medal, and this one’s gold!


Oh, well, Kate, we’re walking slightly different paths,


though they’re related. There aren’t any medals on mine, nor really an end or a beginning. Just an entrance point and a path.



Leif is in the midst of the meandering pathway of the Labyrinth, taking pictures, and my path takes me infront of him. I pause, and kiss him. Warm. This is right.



Daddy, I want to play with them!

Well, just ask them, Kate. No, I’m not going to ask them for you, but I’ll come with you.

Kate, just jump in and play with them. They’ll know you’re playing with them.


Cameron already is – and they know he’s playing with them, because he is.




I leave the Labyrinth, and head over to join Leif, and kiss him again. I didn’t need it to be a peaceful solitary walk after all.


(I was introduced to the practice of walking a labyrinth, or rather, even just the idea of them, at a Mama Renew retreat last year. I’ve been intrigued ever since)


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