Early November Happinesses


I’ll write tomorrow about the pumpkin patch adventures we got up to on the weekend, but for now I just need to get some sleep.


So for tonight, a simple recognition of happinesses.


Cameron skipping home, kicking fallen leaves of orange, yellow, and red, climbing on large concrete blocks destined to be a retaining wall, challenging himself to step across a gap between two of them. The look of joy and pride on his face when he realized that he could, in fact, do it without holding my hand.


Broccoli soup with cheddar cheese. It turned out great this time!


Warm bread that just inhales butter, fresh from the oven. Molasses, oatmeal, whole wheat goodness.


Plain yogurt with honey.


Cameron playing outside, making a ‘trap’ and a ‘gun’ to defend the house from monsters. He played in the yard by himself as the sun went down, and scurried inside only once for reassurance. When he was done, he tidied up!


Snuggling with a sleepy Cameron. He’d happily recited most of his karate dojo’s creed (he has to learn it to get his next belt), and listened wide-eyed to a chapter of How to Twist a Dragon’s Tail. He’d almost fallen asleep (and so had I), when he rolled over, wrapped his arms around my neck, and nestled in close. We dozed off just like that.


To bed, before midnight!


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