When is it going to be morning?

Cameron had been asleep for all of around ten minutes when he tottered out from his room, groggy and dragging his blanket behind him.

Hours away, Cameron. Sleepy time.

But when is it gonna be noon, when can you call them?

It’ll be noon a few hours after it’s morning. Sleepy time.

Morning came, and he crawled into bed with me.

Now can you call them?

After karate on Saturday I’d asked Ethan and Blake and their parents Jane and Jay (whose name I hope I spelled correctly), two brothers in Cameron’s class if they could come and have a playdate, and we (the parents) decided that Sunday afternoon would be great! Trouble is, Cameron still doesn’t ‘get’ the whole time passing thing.

Poor kid. I made him help me clean and cook. He’ll be able to tell his daycare tomorrow that he made his own yogurt. I made him leave me alone while I surfed the internet for a break – this just about killed him. Well not quite, but did give him a heck of a bruise. He decided that jumping on the furniture should be okay if Mama isn’t paying attention, leaped off the coffee table, and landed face-first against the cushion-less (thanks to fort-making) back of the comfy chair. This wasn’t so comfy. It’s a barely padded wooden beam under there. So my child looks like … well, like he takes kickboxing and karate classes. Hmm.

Cameron was so excited to have friends come to play, it’s really far too rare that I arrange playdates for him. He was all dressed up in full battle gear (I think he had a cape, helmet, sword, and shield on) when they arrived, and the boys didn’t need any adjustment period. There’s just something cool about how kids can simply play – no discussion of what they’re going to do, they just do it. They played with the swords, shields, magic wands, hats galore, helmets, cars, trucks, tool kit … and had a blast. They chased each other up and down the hall. Oh, and tormented the kitty. But that’s just part of being boys I think, and heck, the cat knows how to hide. Did she? No, she stubbornly decided to take a nap in the middle of chaos. It was fabulous to catch glimpses of Cameron – wide eyes and smile, full of energy and excitement.

We parents sat and had a great chat and coffee, though I’m now realizing that I was a poor hostess and didn’t think to offer anything else, when Jay declined the coffee. Darnit. I’m new to this hosting thing. That aside, it was a great way to spend the afternoon – they’re interesting and lovely people.

Too soon, it was time for them to head home. It took Cameron a looong time to settle down to sleep, but just before he did, he snuggled in close again.

Mama? That was fun today. Can I play with Ethan and Blake again next weekend? How long is it until next weekend?


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